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Cloud Compute

100TB Free Transfer
Fastest AMD EPYC Processors
Instantly provision 1-100’s of Instances
Pay Nothing Extra – Choose VMs or K8s (Kubernetes)

ServerCloud Frees Your Bandwidth

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Simple Pricing

ServerCloud’s easy control panel and hourly rates of $.020849 per vCPU and $.002013 per GB RAM allow clients to build, destroy, and auto-scale 31 Instance Sizes, paying only for actual usage. CloudClub Members enjoy Compute, Object Storage, and CDN at an unbeatable, bundled value. Alternatively, customers may purchase “à la carte” Compute, Storage and CDN products.

Your 100TB is always FREE at ServerCloud! Additional just $4/TB.
The cost of 100TB at AWS is $7800, Azure is $7690, and GCP is $8340. Cloud Compute Includes:

  • AMD EPYC 9654 CPUs
  • Low-Latency, High IOPs Storage
  • 50GB-10TB Cloud Volume Sizes
  •  $4/TB over 100TB per Account
  • 100TB Transfer Included
  • 12.5-50 Gbps Network per Instance
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Terabit-Scale DDOS Protection
  • IPv4 Addressing
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • Extensive Support Options
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
CPU Optimized SCI VPS Plans Icon - Dark Blue CPU Icon With Electric Blue Gradient

CPU Optimized Instances

Aggressive ratio of 2GB RAM to each dedicated vCPU, CPU Optimized Instances are Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized for CPU heavy workloads. This is beneficial when your workloads require sustained CPU performance without the same requirement of memory. Delivers guaranteed processing speed at unparalleled value. Example workloads include heavy traffic web servers, video encoding, serving ads, and machine learning. “Cents” removed below for brevity.

vCPU RAM Network Our Price
à la carte
Our Price
c7a.medium 1 2 12.5Gbit $18.16 $13-$17 $37 $24 N/A N/A N/A
c7a.large 2 4 12.5Gbit $36.32 $26-$34 $74 $49 $77 $56 $37
c7a.xlarge 4 8 12.5Gbit $72.64 $53-$68 $149 $99 $154 $113 $74
c7a.2xlarge 8 16 12.5Gbit $145.28 $106-$136 $299 $198 $309 $227 $149
c7a.4xlarge 16 32 12.5Gbit $290.56 $213-$273 $599 $396 $619 $454 $299
c7a.8xlarge 32 64 12.5Gbit $581.12 $426-$547 $1,198 $793.02 $1,238 $909 $598
c7a.12xlarge 48 96 18.75Gbit $871.68 $639-$821 $1,798 $1,189 $1,857 $1,364 $898
c7a.16xlarge 64 128 25Gbit $1,162.24 $852-$1,095 $2,397 $1,586 $2,476 $1,819 $1,197
c7a.24xlarge 96 192 37.5Gbit $1,743.36 $1,279-$1,643 $3,596 $2,379 N/A N/A N/A
c7a.32xlarge 128 256 50Gbit $2,324.48 $1,702-$2,191 $4,795 $3,172 N/A N/A N/A
c7a.48xlarge 192 384 50Gbit $3,486.72 $2,558-$3,287 $7,193 $4,758 N/A N/A N/A
General Performance SCI Icon - Dark blue cloud with arrows icon with electric blue gradient

General Purpose Instances

Balanced ratio of 4 GB RAM to each dedicated vCPU, General Purpose Instances are Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized for the widest variety of workloads. Example workloads include medium to high volume web servers, shopping carts, and average sized database loads. “Cents” removed below for brevity.

vCPU RAM Network Our Price
à la carte
Our Price
m7a.medium 1 4 12.5Gbit $21.10 $15-$19 $42 $27 N/A N/A N/A
m7a.large 2 8 12.5Gbit $42.20 $30-$39 $84 $55 $81 $65 $43
m7a.xlarge 4 16 12.5Gbit $84.40 $61-$79 $169 $111 $163 $131 $86
m7a.2xlarge 8 32 12.5Gbit $168.80 $123-$159 $338 $223 $327 $263 $173
m7a.4xlarge 16 64 12.5Gbit $337.60 $247-$318 $676 $447 $654 $526 $347
m7a.8xlarge 32 128 12.5Gbit $675.20 $495-$636 $1,353 $895 $1,308 $1,052 $694
m7a.12xlarge 48 192 18.75Gbit $1,012.80 $743-$954 $2,030 $1,343 $1,962 $1,578 $1,041
m7a.16xlarge 64 256 25Gbit $1,350.40 $990-$1,273 $2,707 $1,791 $2,616 $2,104 $1,389
m7a.24xlarge 96 384 37.5Gbit $2,025.60 $1,486-$1,909 $4,061 $2,686 $3,924 $3,156 $2,083
m7a.32xlarge 128 512 50Gbit $2,700.80 $1,981-$2,546 $5,415 $3,582 N/A N/A N/A
m7a.48xlarge 192 750 50Gbit $4,024.74 $2,952-$3794 $8,123 $5,373 N/A N/A N/A
Memory Optimized SCI Icon - Dark blue memory cards icon with electric blue gradient

Memory Optimized Cloud Computing

Generous ratio of 8GB RAM to each dedicated vCPU, Memory Optimized ServerCloud Instances are Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized for memory rich workloads. Beneficial when workloads require large amounts of memory to store live data sets, lending itself to workload speed and reliability. Example uses include high performance SQL databases, in-memory caches, real-time data processing, and resource intensive application environments.  “Cents” removed below for brevity.

vCPU RAM Network Our Price
à la carte
Our Price
r7a.medium 1 8 12.5Gbit $26.98 $19-$25 $55 $36 N/A N/A N/A
r7a.large 2 16 12.5Gbit $53.96 $39-$50 $111 $73 $102 $69 $48
r7a.xlarge 4 32 12.5Gbit $107.92 $79-$101 $222 $146 $204 $138 $96
r7a.2xlarge 8 64 12.5Gbit $215.84 $158-$203 $444 $293 $408 $276 $193
r7a.4xlarge 16 128 12.5Gbit $431.68 $316-$407 $888 $587 $817 $552 $386
r7a.8xlarge 32 256 12.5Gbit $863.36 $633-$814 $1,777 $1,175 $1,635 $1,105 $773
r7a.12xlarge 48 384 18.75Gbit $1,295.04 $950-$1,221 $2,665 $1,763 $2,452 $1,658 $1,160
r7a.16xlarge 64 512 25Gbit $1,726.72 $1,266-$1,628 $3,554 $2,351 $3,270 $2,211 $1,547
r7a.24xlarge 96 750 37.5Gbit $2,563.62 $1,880-$2417 $5,331 $3,526 $4,905 $3,317 $2,321

Understand The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

There are many reasons why organizations choose to deploy cloud computing instances rather than dedicated servers (whether on-premise or in data centers) to host their applications and web traffic.

  • Cost savings: Cloud computing instances frequently offer a more cost-effective solution than dedicated servers, allowing organizations to pay only for the resources they consume while avoiding the capital investment necessary to build and maintain their own infrastructure.
  • Scalability and elasticity: Cloud computing instances provide the ability to easily scale up or down as demand fluctuates, offering a clear advantage for organizations that need to pivot quickly and efficiently as traffic and workload requirements change.
  • Security and compliance: Cloud computing providers typically offer a range of security and compliance features, protecting the customer organization’s applications and websites from external threats while ensuring that industry standards and regulations are met.
  • Reliability and availability: Cloud computing providers usually offer very high levels of reliability and availability, contributing to significant gains in availability for customer organizations’ applications and websites.
  • Management and maintenance: Cloud computing providers typically offer a range of tools and services for managing and maintaining both infrastructure and applications, helping to improve efficiency and the reliability of the overall environment.
Storage Optimized SCI Icon - Dark Blue Storage Drives Icon With Electric Blue Gradient

Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized

31 Instance Flavors

Not All Cores Are Created Equal ServerCloud Instances outperform the competition, leveraging the AMD EPYC processors. Clients don’t wait for scheduled access to CPU cores. Our Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized promise means that we have fewer customers on each host node, giving clients exactly what they’ve paid for with ServerCloud Instances SCI.

Expert Moves With ServerCloud

ServerCloud’s senior experienced system administrators make it fast, easy, and accurate for large organizations to move web sites from dedicated servers to a fast, reliable, and cost-effective cloud hosting environment by using a range of tools and strategies. These include:

  • Automation tools: System administrators use automation tools (eg. Ansible) to automate the provisioning and configuration of cloud resources in order to deliver the infrastructure that your applications and website require. This helps reduce both time and effort when deploying the cloud environment and assists with improving the accuracy and reliability of the deployment process.
  • Migration tools: System administrators use migration tools to automate the transfer of data and applications from the customer organization’s existing servers to the cloud environment. This contributes to reduced downtime and limits disruption otherwise associated with the migration process, ensuring that applications and websites are available to users during the transition.
  • Testing and validation: System administrators use testing and validation tools to simulate traffic and workloads on the cloud environment, and to validate the environment’s performance, reliability, and scalability. This assists with ensuring that the cloud environment is prepared to handle our customer organization’s applications and websites while preempting potential issues or areas for improvement before migration is finalized.
  • Ongoing management and monitoring: System administrators can use tools to monitor and manage cloud environments after the migration is complete. This can help ensure that the environment is running smoothly and efficiently, proactively identifying and resolving issues that may arise.
Experience SSH Icon - Dark blue support team icon with electric blue gradient

Experience SSH

ServerCloud Spectacular Help

In a world full of amazing technology, it’s still the people who make the difference. The most advanced software and hardware solutions are ineffective without the right talent to administer them. SSH ServerCloud Spectacular Help quietly outperforms the competition by consistently delivering high quality solutions from its talented team, a far cry from the our competition’s unfulfilled promises.

  • True 24-Hour Support
  • Highly Trained System Administrators
  • IIE Instant Issue Escalation
  • Incredible Work Ethic
  • Creative Problem-Solvers
  • Complex Deployment Expertise

You Can Trust ServerCloud

A very safe choice! Not a start-up, ServerCloud is privately owned and profitable since its incorporation in 1999. ServerCloud’s product portfolio represents an ideal mixture of reliability, performance, and value in a crowded marketplace of hosting and cloud service providers.

Number 1 Icon - Dark blue 1st place ribbon icon with electric blue gradient


The quality of being trustworthy and performing consistently above expectations.

Performance Icon - Dark blue speedometer icons with electric blue gradient


Better, faster, and more efficient.

People Icon - Dark blue people icon with electric blue gradient


Providing exceptional reliability and high performance at a great price.

Our ServerCloud Options

Pay for exactly what you need, and nothing more.

Control Panels Icon - Dark blue Computer and mouse icon with electric blue gradient

Control Panels

DirectAdmin, cPanel or root access with a variety of operating systems available.

Backups Icon - Dark blue folder with shield icon with electric blue gradient


Secure your data off-host or off-site, at a great price.

Migration Assistance Icon - Dark blue calendar icon with electric blue gradient

Migration Assistance

Ask Sales for extra extra “Free” time so migrating yourself costs less.

Support Icon - Dark blue support tech icon with electric blue gradient

24/7/365 Live Support

ServerCloud includes Basic Support.

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