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Object Storage

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Hot, CDN, Infrequent, and Cold Storage Tiers

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Storage That Makes Sense

ServerCloud has transparent product options so that customers can choose what truly fits their needs. You won’t find hidden egress fees, or need to analyze complex price matrices to understand your true usage cost. Our storage delivers uncompromising high performance and genuine worry-free reliability at an exceptionally low rates. All tiers are accessible with our fully functional S3 compatible object gateway, easy to use, and include pricing that automatically graduates to lower rates as your usage grows. ServerCloud never charges for inbound bandwidth, and the first tier of egress transfer is always FREE with CloudClub Membership.

CloudClub Bundle

— Includes —
All Storage Types
Generous FREE Tiers
$94.40 Value

200GB Hot Storage
10TB Hot Storage Transfer

100GB CDN Storage
FREE CDN Storage Transfer

Infrequent Storage
2TB Infrequent Storage Transfer

Cold Storage
FREE Cold Storage Transfer

à la carte Hot Storage

— Includes —
0GB Storage
0TB Transfer

— Storage Costs —
Next 50TB:
Next 450TB: $0.014/GB
Over 500TB: $0.013/ GB

— Transfer Costs —
Next 50TB: $0.0085/GB
Next 100TB: $0.007/GB
Next 350TB: $0.005/GB
Next 500TB: $0.004/GB
Over 1PB: $0.0025/GB

à la carte CDN Storage

— Includes —
0GB Storage
Unlimited Transfer

— Storage Costs —

— Transfer Costs —

à la carte Infrequent Storage

— Includes —
0GB Storage
TB Transfer

— Storage Costs —
> GB Stored:
$0.005 per GB

— Transfer Costs —
<= TB Stored: FREE!
> TB Stored: $0.01 per GB

à la carte Cold Storage

— Includes —
0GB Storage
Unlimited Transfer

— Storage Costs —

— Transfer Costs —

Hot Storage 90% off AWS

Hot Storage Costs

CloudClub includes 200GB Hot Storage and 10TB transfer FREE
à la Carte Hot Storage costs $.015 per GB for the first 200GB

Next 49.8TB Stored – $.015 per GB (AWS is $.023)
Next 450TB Stored – $.014 per GB (AWS is $.22)
Over 500TB Stored – $.013 per GB (AWS is $.22)

Hot Transfer Costs

CloudClub includes the 10TB Transfer FREE (AWS costs $.09)
à la Carte Hot Storage transfer is $.0085 per GB for first 10TB (AWS costs $.085)

Next 40TB Transfer – $.0085 per GB (AWS costs $.085)
Next 100TB Transfer – $.007 per GB (AWS costs $.07)
Next 350TB Transfer – $.005 per GB (AWS costs $.05)
Next 500TB Transfer – $.004 per GB (AWS costs $.05)
> 1PB Transfer – $.0025 per GB (AWS costs $.05)

CDN Storage with Free Egress

Never pay data egress fees from storage when you choose CDN Storage with ServerCloud’s Standard or Premium CDN integration.

CDN Storage Costs

CloudClub includes 100GB of CDN Storage and FREE Transfer
à la Carte CDN Storage costs $.015 per GB for the first 100GB

Next 49.9TB Stored – $.0125 per GB (AWS costs $.023)
Next 450TB Stored – $0.0125 per GB (AWS costs $.022)
Over 500TB Stored – $0.0125 per GB (AWS costs $.021)

FREE Transfer to ServerCloud CDN

Pay nothing to transfer data out of storage to ServerCloud CDN. ServerCloud CDN is 90% less expensive than Amazon CloudFront in every region. LEARN ABOUT SERVERCLOUD CDN

Infrequent Storage

Best option is for infrequent access to large amounts of data, whether publicly accessible or not, with low latency access and expected monthly egress similar to the total GB stored. Use of Infrequent Storage to “feed” any CDN is prohibited.

Infrequent Storage Costs

CloudClub includes the first 200GB FREE
à la Carte Infrequent Storage costs $.015 per GB, first 200GB

> 200GB Stored – $.0055 per GB (AWS $.0125, Wasabi $.059)

Infrequent Transfer Costs

CloudClub includes 2TB Transfer or <=TB Stored FREE
à la Carte Infrequent Storage costs $.01 >=TB Stored

> of 2TB Transfer or >TB Stored – $.01 per GB (Wasabi costs $.04)

Cold Storage

Enjoy FREE ingress and egress on Cold Storage. This back-up style storage solution is appropriate for clients who write new data frequently, but very rarely require access to it. When download access is required for an event such as data restoration, you can rely on ServerCloud to deliver high throughput. Public access to this data is not permitted.

Cold Storage Costs

CloudClub includes the first 300GB FREE
à la Carte Cold Storage costs $.0035 per GB, first 200GB

> 300GB Stored – $0.0035 per GB
(AWS Glacier Instant costs $0.004, Glacier Flexible costs $.036)

Free Cold Storage Transfer

Unlimited Transfer – ABSOLUTELY FREE!
(100% less! Amazon Glacier Instant is $0.03 per GB)
(100% less! Amazon Glacier Flexible is $0.03 per GB)
(0-100% less! Wasabi is $0.04 per GB transferred > GB Stored)

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Understand the real costs of Wasabi & Others

Many organizations have discovered, much to their chagrin, that some bandwidth is free while other bandwidth is not. With other providers, customers are often treated as if their hand has been caught in the cookie jar when “transferring” more than they store. How much more? At Wasabi, $0.04 per GB of transfer is 470% more than ServerCloud charges per GB in our own Hot Storage Tier. In fact, ServerCloud’s first 10,000GB of free transfer is worth $400 per month when compared against some Wasabi use cases. When viewed through this lense, a rate of .0059 per GB of data stored becomes far less attractive as true cost of use/ownership balloons in cases where data transferred is greater than the amount of GB stored.

Additionally, Wasabi’s egregious data retention policy states that stored files are charged for a minimum of 3 months. This means that files used temporarily, or for short durations of time, will be charged for a minimum of 3 months worth of storage fee- even if that usage takes place over a single month (or less). ServerCloud does not charge any of these fees and, in fact, charges next to nothing when data is written and deleted within a calendar month. Wasabi and others with similar fee structures can be a good choice for those who transfer less data than they store. If this is true for you, ServerCloud’s Infrequent Storage Tier still compares very favorably to Wasabi, with a generous free storage tier and low rates for egress transfer in excess of GB stored.

We give Storej.IO tremendous credit for being so honest and transparent. They have a low price to store data of $.004 per GB and data transfer fees $0.07 per GB. If this fits a usage profile of almost no data transfer, it’s a great deal. That said, Storej’s transfer cost is 823% higher than ServerCloud- and that is before considering the first 10 TB that ServerCloud includes for free. For context, that same first 10,000GB of transfer would cost approximately $700 at Storj.

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